DBOT™ captures our proprietary engagement model that helps you get the desired business outcomes in a fast and sustainable manner. The DBOT™ engagement model consists of 4 stages – Diagnose, Build, Operate and Transfer. DBOT™ allows confidence-building for your entire organization as we co-create the desired business outcomes.

Diagnose™ @Consult

We bring an expert team of consultants to solve your business problem as part of a consulting engagement. These engagements involve a lot of data crunching and fact-finding before making concrete recommendations.

Build™ @POV

We bring together the right resources - people, hardware, software, cloud services, and other technologies - to create a proof of value. This proof of value is put into operations at a unit of scale suitable to the problem.

Operate™ @Scale

Scale engagements involve taking a previously successful proof of value and roll it out across the enterprise scale. Scale challenges involve not just the technical aspects but also the people change management.

Transfer™ @Sustain

Transfer of solution is not a single step process but a journey involving many steps. Working together with your team to train them for the change, and set them for success in sustaining the transformation over years.

Realizing Potential

DBOT™ is a blueprint for realizing the best potential for your organization. The engagement model allows for co-creation, sharing best practices and understanding the facts that play a critical driving role in your business.

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Value Creation Through Outsourcing

Outsourcing non-core aspects of industrial organizations can unlock value, reduce costs and improve agility in achieving business goals.


Engineering Process Outsourcing (EPO)


Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)


Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)


Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)


Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Data Management Outsourcing (DMO)


Application Development Outsourcing (ADO)