Deep Learning

Powered by deep machine learning, advanced neural networks and statistic analytics.

Real Time

Real time insights from live CCTV cameras delivered in time and in a customizable manner.

Edge Optimized

Edge optimized in-a-box solution powered by Intel hardware customized to your needs.

Cloud Connected

Solution can be configured and customized to your preferred cloud – public or private.


DeepVision™ is deep learning in-a-box (Intel hardware only) that seamlessly attached to your existing CCTV cameras to produce real-time insights to improve safety, security and process compliance in your buildings and facilities.

Edge Optimized

DeepVision™ is optimized to perform at the edge. In smart buildings, smart cities, smart facilities. It comes with powerful deep learning algorithms and neural network models in-a-box powered by Intel processors and VPUs. Solution can be customized based on number of cameras and video input sources.


Enterprises with thousands of cameras across hundreds of locations can get a global perspective using the GlobalView™ dashboard which can be customized and deployed on customers’ favorite public or private cloud.

Customized Training

Deep learning AI can be customized for the unique classification and detection needs of the enterprise. Applications can range across security, safety and customized process monitoring. All AI and ML training is delivered by us in the box.