eFabric is a distributed cloud infrastructure solution for organizations that need to provision, orchestrate and manage a distributed cloud across core datacenters, branch and edge locations. It is delivered as SaaS from the cloud. Administrators and end-users can remotely perform the required functions on the eFabric cloud from anywhere by accessing a web-based dashboard, or …

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Pushing Cloud to the Edge

From blog by Suyash Sinha (Founder & CEO) on LinkedIn Forbes published an interesting article on Dec 9. It speaks of Google’s plan to build cloud datacenters across CDN locations. The topic is close enough to my heart to warrant a post. Cloud architecture has enjoyed massive success and growth because (a) it commoditizes access to compute resources for …

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Resiliency of mega datacenters

Resiliency is Key Mega datacenters are resilient. Resiliency is not just about functionality and reliability, but also about being able to continue operation in the face of failures and adversarial actions. Live and Dynamic Resilient systems need to be live and dynamic. It means that the system has the ability to understand what’s going on at the moment (live) …

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