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Products & Services

We bring open edge infrastructure solutions to our enterprise customers at market-leading prices and with 100% turnkey customizations. Our system integration and managed services expand your return on investment while reducing risks.

Hardware, software, management and support solutions for residential, commercial and ISPs. Learn more.

Network routers and switches for all enterprise use cases ranging from 1Gbps to 400Gbps for highest edge and datacenter performance/cost.

Have an edge-computing  initiative in mind? Don’t know where to start? Talk to us for your custom digital solutions.

We offer cloud services from all major private and public cloud providers as unmanaged or managed offerings to enterprise customers.

Edge devices, gateways and related OEM solutions.

Managed Network Devices

Managed network devices include switches, WiFi access points, routers, hotspots and edge devices. Simple and effective deployment at any scale. 

Network Switches

Network switches ranging from 1 Gbps to 400 Gbps based on open hardware designs.

Managed Wireless

Managed wireless solutions ranging from single location small business to large enterprise with 100s of locations.

Edge Devices

Edge devices ranging from ARM based SoC (System on Chip) designs to Intel Xeon cores with built-in networking.

Cloud Services

Turnkey solutions, system integration and managed services to enable powerful edge and cloud based solutions. Support for Linux and Windows operating systems. Support for Azure, AWS, GCP cloud environments.

Cloud Desktops

Keep your workforce productive in the office or remotely with remote desktops in your own datacenter, colocation, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Cloud Collaboration

Enable employees, customers, vendors and suppliers to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere using cloud-based remote collaboration tools.

Cloud Education

Deliver your educational content online, conduct classes and remotely proctored exams from one cloud based solution for schools, coaching centers and colleges.

Cloud Compute

Run your websites, line of business applications and services in the cloud without worrying about IT management overheads.

Cloud Storage

Store data, backups and files securely in the cloud for ensuring business continuity or from secure remote collaboration.

Cloud Automation

Automate business processes using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) leveraging a cloud-base zero-install digital experience.

Awards and Recognitions

Rated as one of the top 25 technology startups by an eminent jury of technologists and entrepreneurs empaneled by CNBC. Invited to Microsoft Accelerator for later stage startups. Invited by Orange Fab Accelerator. Received several other industry awards.

Technology Partners

We are supported by some of the top technology companies in the world who share our vision in providing easy-to-use technology solutions for various cloud-based workloads.